Dash Pre Proposal

Pre-Proposal:  Growing the Dash Community By Providing Free Top Rated Marketing Team & Education!


After falling in love with dash for all its uniqueness in the crypto space, we then discovered this amazing community, and an amazing opportunity to help grow something we love, so we have come up with what we believe is the best way we can help to grow the community!


My name is Adam Davis and I head a team of digital marketing experts, and tech junkies.  We specialize in Digital Marketing/Branding, and more specifically SEO.  To us SEO isn’t just search marketing anyone, to us SEO is a total digital marketing strategy incorporating all aspects of building a brand correctly, and in return you will get Search Engine rankings to match the value you bring to your industry.  We want to bring this to the Dash Community, to help grow our current community into a better place, but also to bring new members to the community to grow the community.  Thus we have created this proposal to show you how we can help do this!

Agency Awards

Top Ranked Search Marketing Agency on Great Agencies


As a leader in Digital Marketing, and as a HUGE Supporter of Dash, I want to bring what I can to this community, to make it a better place.  After discussing with my team about how we could help to make the community a better place, we had to only look at ourselves and what we had to offer to know that what we needed to do was use our skill set that we have mastered over the last 15 years to help to grow the Dash Community, as well as Crypto as a whole.  Thus this proposal has been crafted in the hopes that the community will back us, so that we can offer our skill set to anyone in the community to help them grow their idea or brand! Thus what we want to be able to do is give anyone in the community the ability to come to us to help them with their Marketing, so that they can focus on building out their product, content, or whatever they can bring to the Dash Community to help to grow it into a better place!

I have come to love Dash and the community here is so great.  I believe that Dash has the most potential out of any crypto to bring so many things to the world, and thus I want to bring me and my companies skillset to the table to offer free marketing help to anyone who has a website that promotes dash in any way.  I run a top rated Digital marketing agency and our 2 greatest skills are creating overall digital branding plans for companies, and also doing what we believe should be the backbone of any good digital company, a very strong Search Presence aka Top Rankings on Google and Search Engines.   So what we want to do is help the community grow by offering

In addition to this, I have found one of the biggest barriers to building a stronger crypto currency in the amount of negative information towards mining “Bitcoin”.  As everyone should know, it is not profitable for the average person to mine Bitcoin, however mining other Crypto can be very profitable!  This fact alone I know has encouraged many many people to not look into it further, and is hurting our community growth, as some of the strongest community members are either miners, or developers, so to help bring additional miners (which is a larger number of people then developers, as development is so much harder than mining) and really increase and build the best community possible.  Teaching people to use even a graphics card to mine, which I believe a lot more people would if they knew about it, and helping them to earn even a few dollars a day, if that, would in turn would help to significantly grow the community in many ways, and also crypto, as a whole, in many ways.  When people can earn money doing something, they usually get very involved, and this is a currency for heaven’s sake!

Final Words/Thoughts:

So, we are looking for feedback on this idea, as we will put together a more detailed proposal to add to this post if we see a good reaction from the community!

What We Are Thinking We Want To Ask For:

ASK: 1 Time 50 DASH For Design and Marketing Budget Towards Mining Profitable

Then 25 Dash a Month for Marketing Help

So First Month 1 Time of 75 Dash Followed by 25 Dash a Month.
We Want First & Foremost Help The Community Members Grow & The Community As A While Grow, and To Do This We Are Offering What We Know How To Do Best!  We Are Confident We Are The Top Search & Digital Marketing Team, and Want To Help Grow The Community By Providing This!

We are also asking if people believe this is a really good idea to help grow the community and want to sponsor our proposal fee, we will provide detailed help with anything marketing they need help with!  Me and my top ranked team are yours to use as you need!